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I'm excited to introduce my original character stocking series...
 Prince Charming  Elsa from Frozen  Anna from Frozen  Wheezy the Penguin from Toy Story also represents my son's favorite operating system Linux  Alice in Wonderland  Belle from Beauty and the Beast Ariel from The Little Mermaid
I started off making these stockings by using Red Heart's free basic stocking pattern which you can find by clicking here. I did change all the double crochet in the pattern to half double crochet for tighter stitches. I did color changes and embellishments according to character. I did not write everything I did down, but wanted to share my work. I used the crocodile stitch on the bottom of the mermaid stocking and it was quite tricky to do because of how I had to assemble it but I think it turned out fantastic! If you have any questions about my work, leave me a comment.