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Crocheted Minnie Mouse Christmas Stocking

I am so excited about this post! I have a couple of kids who are huge Minnie Mouse fans and I created the additions to the pattern for them. You can find the basic stocking pattern from Red Heart here. I used half-double crochet for the body of the stocking instead of double crochet that is written in the pattern.

Here are my additions to this pattern.

Red for the main stocking, black for toe, heel, and ears. White for cuff and skirt trim.

With H hook, and black yarn ch 47. Work 4 rows of sc in black. Switch to white yarn and crochet 14 rows of single crochet. Edge only the lower part of the cuff according to pattern. Sew cuff seam. Attach to main part of stocking with black yarn, starting at seam using sc with the black part on top. Do not fasten off. Go onto the ears.

With black yarn still attached, slip st in first 2 stitches. EAR 1: Ch 3. Skip 2 sc and Hdc 7 times in next sc, ch1 sk 2 sc and slst in next sc. Turn, 2 hdc in each hdc and top of ch3 st [16hdc made].…